Big Buddha

The first time I was here, I didn’t make it to the top of the Big Buddha. This time I told myself I should, tagging along my husband who really hates the stairs. 

First time to see the Clock Tower in the Tsim Sha Tsui near Victoria Harbor. Just passed by here on our way to watch the symphony of lights. 

First stop on our first day was at Times Square in Causeway Bay. The very moment we don’t want to set our foot outside because of too much heat and humidity. Of course, we went here for one special reason, to have lunch at one of Osaka’s favorite ramen resto – Ichiran. Fell in love with it after our last year’s trip to Japan. Unfortunately, Ichiran is not yet available in Korea. Eating japanese ramen on a hot weather while in Hong Kong – yay!

Yes, we almost gave up after only a few minutes of walking around Central. Have I mentioned how hot it was during our trip? I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I complained too much about the hot weather. After living in Philippines and Singapore for 27 years, who am I to complain?? Or probably I just got spoiled by the good weather in Korea for 5 years. But no kidding, I felt hotter in Hong Kong than when I was in the Philippines. 

Oh, thank goodness for IFC Mall. I think this is where we spent most of the time during our stay. Our feet automatically dragged us to where the AC is. The only problem was they don’t have much seats around and too few coffee shops. Okay okay, I can’t compare HK to Korea where I can find coffee shops just sitting next to each other.

So the main highlight of the Symphony of Lights for me was this red sailing boat known as Aqua Luna. During my last visit prior to this, the show was temporarily suspended due to an unexpected tragedy that happened to Hong Kong nationals in 2010 (not to mention it took place in Manila). But to our surprise, what we thought as a prelude to the main show was actually the main show! Oh well, nothing really special though, except for this wonderful Aqua Luna that caught my attention.

Keep walking until we reach the Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha). Great way to burn those fats!

Woohoo! Ngong Ping 360 on the way to Big Buddha. Got passes to escape the long queue. Still opted for the crystal cabin the 2nd time around.